Pt. Hari Om Sharma New Book Awake Arise Ascend

Hari Om Sharma

Literateur Pt. Hari Om Sharma ‘Hari’ presents his book to the Chief Secretary, UP, Shri Durga Shankar Mishra.

Renowned literary figure and author, Pt. Sharma “Hari’ presented his book ‘Awake, Arise, Ascend’ to the Chief Secretary, UP, Shri Durga Shankar Mishra, IAS, here today. On this occasion, the Chief Secretary commended the excellent content in this book and showered Pt. Sharma with profuse praises for the useful contribution the book will make for society. Shri Mishra said that this style of writing is simple, clear, and touching and the content is of great use to the younger generation, motivating them to achieve the heights of success and fame.

On this momentous occasion, Pt. Sharma expressed his heartfelt congratulations and good wishes to the Chief Secretary for adorning his new post. He expressed the belief that Shri Mishra will show a new pathway of success and development in the state and that this meeting will go down his memory lane in years to come. He said that Shri Mishra had a very pleasing and straightforward personality and a progressive outlook.

Personnel Secretary of Shri Hari Om Sharma ‘Hari’, Shri Rajendra Chaurasia said that during the past 42 years, Shri Sharma had been writing articles and stories which were creative and useful for society. He had been giving new direction and imparting good values through the power of his pen. To date, Shri Sharma has authored 19 books and his pen is still active. He chooses topics of social interest and moral upliftment. Mostly, he writes for the benefit of the young generation through every section of society is benefitted. To date, Shri Sharma has received several awards and honored including those from renowned Heads of State, Presidents, Prime Ministers, Chief Ministers, Deputy Chief Ministers, Speaker of Vidhan Sabha, and other prominent personalities of India and abroad.

We would like to congratulate Shri Sharma on his new book “Awake Arise Ascend”.

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