SOF Girl Child Scholarship Scheme 2020

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Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) has announced the SOF GIRL CHILD SCHOLARSHIP SCHEME 2020. An education scholarship worth Rs. 5000 each will be given to 300 girl students in India. The scholarship is for a girl student good in studies however coming from the financially weaker section of the society.

Features of the Scheme: –

  1. The GCSS is an annual scholarship covering one academic year of a girl child.
  2. However, the selection will be done from recommendations sent by Students school.
  3. Each selected girl students will be awarded a scholarship of Rs. 5000 to support her education.
  4. The scholarship amount will be released to the winning candidates by 28th February 2021.
  5. A cheque for the amount, in favor of the selected student, will be dispatched at her school address.
SOF Girl Child Scholarship Scheme 2020

Criteria for Selection: –

  1. The school to send a proposal recommending a girl student for the scholarship.
  2. Each school to recommend only one girl student.
  3. In addition, the recommendation must be signed by a Principal / Headmaster / Headmistress.
  4. Moreover, the recommendation must be in the specified format and complete.
  5. The nominated student must be studying in Class One to Class Ten.
  6. The nominated student must have scored at least an aggregate 60% marks or equivalent grade in the previous class.
  7. The school should send a copy of her previous year’s report card along with the application form. Please ensure it is duly certified by the Principal.
  8. Above all a Committee set up by SOF will evaluate all the proposals received from the Schools.
  9. After that, the selected students will be notified through the respective schools.
  10. The marks criteria may be waived for a child with a major physical disability.
  11. Student’s parents combined monthly income should be less than Rs. 15000.
  12. Above all, the decision of the SOF Committee will be final and binding.
  13. The last date of recommendation at the National Office of Science Olympiad Foundation is 31st December 20202.

Click here to download the application form. The schools are required to read the complete form before filling it.

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