Storytelling Competition on Stories of Human interest

Storytelling Competition

CBSE has come up with a Storytelling Competition on Stories of Human interest.

Since late 2019 the whole World has been through an unprecedented situation, and so has been our country. However, the meticulous strategy, actions by Government of India and self-less acts by our CORONA fighters has helped us to get through this adverse situation.

During this time, we have come across stories of innovation, sacrifice, going beyond the call of duty, and creatively solved, finding joy in adversity, etc.

CBSE believes that it will be important and useful to pen down such stories for the benefit of society for future reference. This will help and motivate our children to face our challenges and adversaries with courage.

To achieve this the Board has launched a Storytelling Competition from 6th to 16th February 2021 as per the following details: –

Themes of Stories: The story can be about:

  • A person overcoming adversity
  • Sacrifice and /or going beyond the call of duty
  • A creative solution to a challenging situation
  • Funny stories
  • Innovations have done that helped many

Guidelines on Stories:

  • It is to be in English, with not more than 600-650 words and should strive to be neutral and objective.
  • The story must be related to experiences of teaching, learning, outreach, inclusion, use of technology, etc.: basically, anything related to school education.
  • At the center of the story, there should be a person or persons in the context of school education-therefore, the story could be about a teacher, a member of the local -self -government, a student, a parent, a volunteer, a school, etc. who did exemplar and extraordinary work, out of the routine, during this period. The story should revolve around this person/s and his/her/their experiences.
  • The story can contain dialogues/conversations/photographs. The story may be written to appeal to the emotional side of the reader.
  • At the beginning of the story, the name of the teacher/volunteer/etc. may be given only if they agree to give a name. Names of students below 18 years, if any, may be given only with parental consent.
  • The story should have the name of the school and address including, the district and state of the Participants.

Conduct of Competition at Schools:

  • CBSE has requested the schools to conduct the competition at their own level from 6th to 16th February 2021.
  • One best entry per category has to be selected by schools for submission to CBSE.

For submission of the stories, the Schools are requested to read the circular published by CBSE in this regard, click here.

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