Student develops new technique to Diagnose Osteoporosis

CMS Diagnose Osteoporosis Parents

Arnav Kumar, a brilliant Class XI student of City Montessori School, Gomti Nagar Campus I has developed ‘Osteo-Net’, a new technology to diagnose osteoporosis at the early stage bringing a revolution in medical science. Arnav’s research will simplify the diagnosis of osteoporosis, and accessible to all, which so far has been very expensive and available at certain selected hospitals. Moreover, the testing of osteoporosis took a longer time, but now his research will make it possible for all the people of society and the treatment will be less expensive, less time taking, and easily diagnosed. Arnav’s research paper has been recognized by the Institute of Electric and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) at its ’45th International Conference on Telecommunications and Signal Processing.’ This information has come from Mr. Hari Om Sharma, Chief Public Relations Officer of CMS.

Mr. Sharma informed that Arnav’s father Mr. Alok Kumar is a senior IAS officer and his mother, Mrs. Priti Kumar is an Assessor for United Accreditation Foundation (UAF).

Mr. Sharma further informed that CMS Founder Dr. Jagdish Gandhi profusely praised Arnav’s talent and his spirit to serve society and wished him a bright and successful future ahead.

Dr. Gandhi expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the Principal and teachers of the school who are nurturing the young generation with excellent education and indoctrinating the young trusting minds with the sense to serve society. Mrs. Abha Anant, the Principal of CMS Gomti Nagar Campus I congratulated Arnav for his exceptional achievement.

Mr. Sharma informed that Arnav gives credit for his success to his parents, teachers, and the encouraging atmosphere of the school. He expressed profound gratitude to Prof. A K. Dutta of AKTU. Arnav, while explaining his research in detail, said that his work is based on ‘Artificial Intelligence.

When put to use, it will print an X-Ray image of the disease making diagnosis quick and accurate. Arnav’s father Mr. Alok Kumar, Senior IAS Officer, informed that Arnav’s research will be initially implemented with the mobile unit placed in the rural area because rural people have fewer facilities for good medical help and hence, they need it the most. Arnav’s mother Mrs. Priti Kumar said that Arnav loves playing guitar, and he is also a very good football player. Recently, he played at the zonal-level football competition organized under the banner of CISCE. In music, he has completed Grade-I and Grade-II courses in guitar from the Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM), the famous music school in London.

We would like to congratulate Arnav Kumar on developing a technique to diagnose Osteoporosis.

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