Students’ Learning Enhancement Guidelines by NCERT

Students’ Learning Enhancement Guidelines

Students’ Learning Enhancement Guidelines was released by the Ministry of Education, Department of School Education and Literacy in August 2020.

The Ministry of Education entrusted NCERT with the task of constituting a Committee, comprising of academic and curricular experts drawn from NCERT, NIEPA, CBSE, KVS, and NVS with an objective to address the issues related to gaps and/or loss of learning among students, during this COVID19 pandemic when the schools are not open for the students.

The Committee conducted a survey in KVS, NVS, and CBSE schools for collecting information about various digital modes being used by students to receive online education and their concerns regarding children not having digital devices. The Committee has come up with 75 pages of report or guidelines for School Teaching Staff, School Management, Parents, and Guardians. There are a lot of inputs that are important for different stakeholders of the education system like Model of Learning Enhancement for Students not Possessing any Digital Device, Having Limited Access or Very Basic Technological Devices, and with Access to Learning through Digital Devices, etc. The schools should promote and advise the school staff and parents to go through the guidelines.

During this unprecedented time Parents, School Teaching Staff, and School Management are expected to play a key role in the learning path of their wards and students. Students’ Learning Enhancement Guidelines has provided guidelines for Teachers, Principals/Heads of Schools, and Parents. Find below highlights as per your role.

  • Preparation to be done by Teachers:
    • Are expected to prepare interesting learning activities for the students that can be easily available resources
    • School teaching staff to upgrade them to learn to use online resources, television, and radio in school to enhance students‟ learning using various modes of teaching-learning
    • Once the schools reopen make efforts to welcome students in the school to motivate them to engage with schools. Creative activities, dance, music, story-telling, etc. need to be prepared in advance for all grades.
    • Student assessments should be done more frequently and in simple ways. Teachers can prepare subject/topic/grade-wise simple assessment formats and rubrics for parent/self/peer/teacher assessment.
    • Students with Special Needs need to be provided with continuous and regular support. Teachers should establish contact and trust between the child and parents during the lockdown period or during the time school are not open.
  • Principals/Heads of schools to undertake School Level Planning:
    • The complex concepts should be sorted out and kept aside for teaching face to face through the teacher-directed learning mode
    • The simpler concepts can perhaps be tackled through self-paced learning by students Home assignments may be thoughtfully given to supplement to classroom teaching – doubts may be cleared during face-to-face teaching
    • Projects assigned may act an extension to classroom teaching
    • During this extraordinary situation, we may have more focus on assessing the child on his/ her areas of strength and unique skills and abilities, for promoting his/ her level of motivation, hence the tools and techniques of assessment also need to undergo a review.
  • Role of Parents
    • Parents have and are always expected to play a pivotal role in the children’s education and especially in this COVID-19 pandemic situation. In the current situation, education is being delivered through an online platform, the role of parents has become even more important. They are the ones who are with their children for the longest periods of the waking hours of the child. Their behavior, attitude, support, etc. will have a huge impact on children. Therefore, they need to reflect on their roles and ensure that they are able to support their children’s cognitive, affective and psychomotor progress in many ways. The Guidelines have given many important points for the parents. Parents and Guardians should try to go through the guidelines.

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