Students to participate in Celebration of Reading Week

Celebration of Reading Week

In order to recognize the importance of the habit of reading and to celebrate the International Literacy Day, CBSE has announced ‘Celebration of Reading Week’ from 8th September to 14th September 2020.

The Board has suggested the following activities that can be organized by the schools affiliated with the Board. The aim of the programme is twofold i.e. to celebrate Reading week and promote reading habits among the school students.

  1. Encourage school students to discover the joy of reading books of their interest. The school may assist students in the selection of books by sharing with them the list of books and the links from where the books can be downloaded free of cost. If the school has the facility of e-books, these can also be shared with the students.
  2. A session can be planned with an author, poet, or storyteller.
  3. Arrange online reading sessions wherein students may be encouraged to:
    • Write and share the short stories
    • Read and share the review of the book
    • enact, recreate timelines of events, characters, etc. on the basis of the poem/story/book read by them
    • share the story of the person who inspires them the most.
  4. Organize online LITFEST where various characters interact with each other.
  5. Read-a-Thon can be organized online wherein Fastest Reader of Class may be acknowledged.
  6. Make Online Book-Buddies wherein school students may be paired to choose and read a book and then present the findings before the class.
  7. Integrate Reading and Fine Arts: Reading stories/poems/books etc. and drawing pictures, posters, etc. on the basis of the poem/ story/ book read.
  8. Organize online Readebate Competition: Debating and defending the actions of characters in the story/book read.
  9. Students can make an audio story out of a novel/ text they have read.
  10. Students can be encouraged to make reading games/ puzzles/ riddles.
  11. Students can be encouraged to create Story Maps or make comic strips.
  12. Organize an online book character costume party wherein students dress up as their favorite children’s book characters and have a party.
  13. Have to tell round-robin stories orally wherein a teacher may start a story and then each student in the class tells the next part of the story. Once finished, the story may be read aloud.

The Board has also instructed the activities carried out by students during Reading Week can be assessed as part of the Subject Enrichment Activities for classes up to Secondary level.

If we encounter a man of rare intellect, we should ask him what books he reads.

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

To read the complete notice on ‘Celebration of Reading Week’ from the Board, please click here.