Takhte and UNESCO Online Essay Contest 2021

Takhte Essay Competition

Takhte and UNESCO have launched the third edition of the Pan India Online Essay Contest 2021, called ‘Year 2 AC – After Coronavirus: A Future Imagined by Youth’.

Contest Categories: The contest is open for following two categories-

  • Children: Aged 11 – 14 years and
  • Youth: Aged 15 – 24 years

The aim of the competition is to allow the participant to reflect on our current challenges and suggest how they envision a more resilient and better future for all of us.

Contest Duration:

The contest started on 7th June and remain open till 6th August 2021, i.e., for almost two months.

Selection Criteria:

Entries shall be received on a rolling basis and for each week two best entries from different categories shall be selected. The selected entries shall be published weekly on UNESCO and Takhte websites and social media platforms.

The top 100 winning essays shall be published as a book by the end of the year. So, what are you waiting for, hurry up and submit your entries? But how?

How to submit?

  • We would suggest the participants, parents, and school staff to go through the other details to share their stories and to submit the essays.
  • Click here to go through the details.

News Source: UNESCO | Read more ‘Competition‘ news on dailyschoolsnews.com.