Teacher Energized Manuals For Maths and Science Teachers

Teacher Energized Manuals

CBSE in collaboration with Central Square Foundation has developed a series of ‘Teacher Energized Manuals’ (TERM) for the teaching staff of science and mathematics subjects in Classes 6 to 10. On this occasion, the honorable minister Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal has recommended these as must-read manuals for teachers teaching Science and Mathematics as a subjects to familiarise themselves with Learning Outcomes based teaching and learning.

The aim of ‘Teacher Energized Manuals’ is to help the teaching staff in aligning their classroom transaction to build competencies.

According to the CBSE circular, CBSE has dedicated the academic session 2020-21 for competency-based learning where the focus of teaching is on outcomes that students need to acquire.            

Each chapter of this resource manual corresponds to the respective chapters in the NCERT. The chapter has been built-up by concepts, linked to the NCERT Learning outcomes, and an attempt has been made to delineate Learning Objectives for each chapter.

Every chapter has a set of assessment items and sample strategies for the transaction of concepts.

The manuals are available on the CBSE’s official website and on the DIKSHA portal.

CBSE is expecting all the principals and teaching staff of Science and Mathematics to go through these Manuals. These Manuals are going to support the teaching staff to develop pedagogical plans for implementing Competency-Based Learning to equip our students with the requisite skills and competencies pertaining to the subjects.

To read the complete circular, please click hear.

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