Teachers Day Celebrations in CMS Lucknow

Teachers Day Celebrations

Grand Online Teachers Day Celebrations were held at City Montessori School here today to celebrate Teachers Day. It commemorates the birthday of former President, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan on the eve of the great day.

The Teachers Day Celebrations function was inaugurated amid great enthusiasm by the Chief Guest, Mr. Suresh Khanna, Minister for Finance, Health Education and Parliamentary Affairs, Government of U.P. Over 3000 CMS teachers and staff attended the function online and added to the gravity of the occasion.

CMS Founders Expressed Gratitude: –

CMS Founders and renowned educationists, Dr. Jagdish Gandhi and Dr. Bharti Gandhi and the CMS President and Managing Director, Professor Geeta Gandhi Kingdon were present on this occasion. They expressed their profound gratitude towards the Chief Guest for sparing his invaluable time to inspire the teachers. They were also thankful for the dedicated and self-sacrificing school teachers.

According to them, they are involved day and night in

  • molding the character of the students,
  • imparting knowledge of the highest order, and
  • building their future as World Leaders and Shapers of the destiny of Humankind.

Professor Geeta Kingdon especially congratulated the teachers for their wonderful adaptation to the new teaching technology in corona times and for carrying out their work with full dedication and devotion in spite of all the stress in these hard times. Earlier, the Head of Quality Assurance and Innovation Department, Superior Principal, Mrs. Susmita Basu welcomed the teachers and all the dignitaries present online witnessing the Teachers Day programme.

Chief Guest Mr. Suresh Khanna Address: –
Teachers Day Celebrations

Addressing the august virtual gathering of teachers, the Chief Guest Mr. Suresh Khanna, Finance Minister, U.P., said that City Montessori School has created such a unique educational environment in Uttar Pradesh that it has placed Lucknow on the world map and brought honor to India internationally.

The way Dr. Jagdish Gandhi and his wife, Dr. Bharti Gandhi are serving the noble cause of education has very few examples in the whole world. Whilst earlier, the names of Allahabad, Darjeeling, and New Delhi were synonymous with quality education, today, the name of Lucknow has overtaken these places and the state capital enjoys a place of great pride in academic circles as the seat of quality education.

No words of praise are sufficient for the founders and teachers of this great institution, he said. Students from CMS are contributing effectively to the advancement of human civilization and holding posts of great responsibility in various corners of the globe.

CMS Founder, Dr. Jagdish Gandhi was emotional and inspiring as he applauded the achievements of CMS students and teachers saying that it was due to their total dedication to the teaching profession and their hard work which had placed them on a high pedestal of success both nationally and internationally.

Teachers Day Celebrations

Earlier, Teachers Day Celebrations began at CMS a series of educational-cultural items. The atmosphere was charged with an insatiable zest for learning and desire for knowledge and wisdom as the various items – School Prayer, All Religion and World Peace Prayer, Vande Mataram, Welcome Song, World Parliament, Qawalli, and items based upon the life and teachings of Dr. S. Radhakrishnan rolled out one by one. A special presentation on Vision 2025 proved extremely effective.

The excellent performance of students in ISC and ICSE Boards was ample testimony of the high quality of teaching at CMS. It is because of this continuous improvement practiced by the teachers that the school is a Guinness World Record Holder and winner of UNESCO prize for peace education 2002.

We started with only five students in 1959 and have now become the world’s largest school in a single city, he said. CMS Founder Director, Dr. Bharti Gandhi said that CMS teachers are following the path of noble ideas, character formation, and imparting moral values to children as shown by the great teacher-philosopher, Bharat Ratna Dr. S. Radhakrishnan. She wished the teachers all happiness and success in this noble profession of serving the children. Professor Geeta once again thanked and motivated teachers to keep up the good work of serving the children as they had been doing for the past 62 years of the school by building their character and inculcating in their tender hearts the love of God. These children will be the leaders of tomorrow and the builders of a New World Civilization.

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