Tree Farts Form One-fifth of Greenhouse gases

Tree Farts

You will be surprised to know ‘Tree farts’ make up about one-fifth of greenhouse gases from ghost forests?

Ecologists have measured Greenhouse gases, or “tree farts,” released by dead trees in ghost forests. The process happens in the woodlands formed when rising sea levels drown a forest, leaving behind a marsh full of skeletal dead trees.

According to the statistics, gases generated by the dead trees form one-fifth of the greenhouse gases, while other emissions come from the soggy soils.

Scientists or Researchers expect the Ghost forests to expand in the future due to climate change which is going to raises the sea levels. So they are curious how much climate-warming gas will be emitted by such an ecosystem.

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Scientists say tree farts are no comparison to cow burps. According to them, a single cow can emit up to 27 grams of methane (0.001 ounces), which is a far stronger greenhouse gas than CO2. As per them, even a small emission is vital to have a comprehensive understanding of climate-warming gas sources and their repercussions on our ecosystem.

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