Tree Plantation by CMS at Jai Jagat Park on 1st July

Wipro Earthian

Five students on behalf of all CMS students will launch the Tree Plantation programme. The plantation shall be done at CMS Kanpur Road’s Jai Jagat Park on 1st July.

The UP Government will launch a massive tree plantation project from 1st to 31st October 2021 with the aim to plant 30 Crore saplings across the state. Taking inspiration from the campaign, City Montessori School has decided to plant trees in and around all its campuses. This programme will be done on Thursday, 1st July at 8.00 am at Jai Jagat Park adjacent to CMS Kanpur Road Campus. Five representative students of the 55,000 students will awaken the masses about the need for green earth and the importance of having trees to fulfill our need for oxygen.

State government ministers, top administrative officers, educationists, social workers, and enlightened citizens of Lucknow apart from the Principals of all CMS Campuses will be present on this occasion to give out the message of environmental protection. This information has come from the Chief Public Relations Officer of CMS, Mr. Hari Om Sharma.

Mr. Sharma informed that post this programme, tree plantation will be done in all CMS Campuses on other days. He said that there is a continuous effort to make students and youth aware of the importance of environmental protection at CMS. The students of the school have always been at the forefront for the cause of the environment and other social awareness campaigns. CMS believes that positive change in the thoughts and lifestyle of people is the most important prerequisite for environmental protection.

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