Udaan Shiksha Ki Primer and Guidelines Published

Udaan Shiksha Ki

NCERT has released the ‘Udaan Shiksha Ki’ primers and guidelines for the purpose of adult education.

The complete package includes Udaan Shiksha Ki

  • Margdarshika for Adult Education
  • Primer of Adult Education Vol I
  • Primer of Adult Education Vol II
  • Primer of Adult Education Vol III
  • Primer of Adult Education Vol IV

The primary education of adult education is to educate those who are 15 years of age or above. The programme also includes children, young, and those adults who could not get an opportunity to go to school. These are just suggestive and can be modified as per the regional requirements. While developing the content the socio-cultural requirements of the students were considered.

Through ‘Udaan Shiksha Ki’ primers and guidelines NCERT is trying to develop audio-visual study material for adult students. The books are theme-based and they revolve around 13 different themes. These include Family and neighborhood, conversation, environment, health and sanitation, financial literacy, disaster management, digital literacy, etc.

In this directive, a broader perspective of literacy, the objective of learning language and mathematics, the procedure for teaching and learning, etc. is included. The process of learning and teaching is discussed in detail.

Click here to download the primers and guidelines. | Read more ‘NCERT’ news on dailyschoolsnews.com.


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