What is Black Friday or Black Friday Sale?

Black Friday

Recently one of my team members used the term Black Friday during a team meeting. This made me learn more about it and write an article for our readers

So, what is this Friday?

The Friday following Thanksgiving is commemorated as Black Friday. For most people in the US, it indicates the shopping season.

It is the time when stores, shopping centers announce, and online e-commerce sites like Amazon offer doorbuster sales for the customers.

Because the shops and stores offer attractive offers for a limited time, the customers even stand in lines before the stores open, to get the best of the deals. Even, online e-commerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc., offer exciting online deals for its customer. So, if you missed this opportunity this time you can wait for next year’s Black Friday Sale.

Why it is called ‘Black’?

It was in 1960 when the term was coined. During that time the accounting book was maintained in red and black ink. The figures in the red color signified a loss, whereas the figures in the black ink indicated a profit.

So, the retailer decided to offer huge discounts on Friday following Thanksgiving, to attract and entice the customers. Assuming this will make most of their accounting books black i.e. they will make a profit, hence the term Black Friday.

When is Thanksgiving Day in 2022?

Thanksgiving Day in 2022 will be on Thursday, November 24th, hence Black Friday shall be celebrated on Friday, November 25th.

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