What is FASTag? How to do FASTag registration?

FASTag registration

What Is FASTag? How to do FASTag registration?

On 15th February 2021 Government of India made all the lanes of toll plazas FASTag for all vehicles crossing the toll plazas. But do we all know about the FASTag?

FASTag is a pre-paid facility for vehicles that allows hassle-free and minimal stop time at the toll plazas. Before FASTag most of us had to wait at the toll plazas, tell the tax collector where we are heading, sometimes had a debate over the change, the argument about the services, etc. With the FASTag all this can be avoided. So how does it work actually?

FASTag uses Radio-Frequency Identification or commonly known as RFID technology, which allows an automatic deduction of toll fees between two toll plazas. The information from your FASTag which is unique for every vehicle is read by the antennae at the toll plaza, withdrawing the toll fee from the account that is linked to the FASTag. i.e., means every FASTag is linked with an account which could be a bank account or liked to eWallet.

For the antenna to read the FASTag easily, it is recommended to affix it on the vehicle’s windscreen.

How to do FASTag registration?

If you have not purchased the FASTag, you can

  • visit the nearest Toll Plaza
  • visit or contact your bank to check whether they are offering FASTag. There are banks like SBI, IDBI, ICICI, Indusind, HDFC, which are offering this service. Hurry as some Banks are having special offers too.
  • Call on FASTag customer care 1033 to know more details.

What all do you require for getting a FASTag for your vehicle: –

You will require to provide a KYC document (original and copy) which could be a PAN, Driving License, Passport, Voter Id, or an Aadhaar Card. In addition to this, you will require your vehicle’s RC and a Vehicle off course. In case you have more than one vehicle, you will require FASTag for every vehicle. So what are you waiting for, go for the FASTag registration if not done till now?

Minimum Recharge Value: –

  • As of date, the minimum recharge value of the vehicles from Class 4 to 16 varies from Rs. 150/- to Rs. 300/-. To keep yourself updated about the recharge value, please click here.

Benefits of FASTag: –

  1. Will Saves fuel and time: The vehicle has to stop for a moment so that the antenna can read the details from your vehicle’s FASTag.
  2. SMS alerts on your registered mobile. It will have Date/Time of Transaction, Amount Paid, Toll Plaza Name, and Transaction Id. This way we can save paper and trees also.
  3. You can recharge online without any hassle using your Debit Card/Credit Card/NEFT or Internet Banking options
  4. You need not carry or do cash transactions. Helps to break the COIVD chain and follow social Distancing.
  5. In case the vehicle is lost you can get the FASTag blocked by calling customer care 1033 or you can log-in to www.fastag.ihmcl.com and get your FASTag account blocked. This may also help to trace your vehicle.

Experience about the FASTag: –

My experience with FASTag to date has been with mixed feelings. Talking about my recent experience when I was traveling from Delhi to Nainital it was fantastic as on average we just had to wait for less than 30-sec average. However, while coming back it was pathetic as from midnight of 15th /16th February 2021 all the lanes were going to be made the FASTag lanes. I hope now the situation must have improved as most of us must have taken the FASTag for our vehicles and Govt. must have worked in the infrastructure also.

You can also share your experience with FASTag in the comments box.

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