World Top Universities Admission Offered

Aryan Singh, a student of City Montessori School, Aliganj Campus I has been selected for admission in the World Top Universities.

He has received offers for admission from six prestigious universities of UK and USA (1) Queen Mary University, (2) the University of Birmingham, (3) University of Sheffield of UK,(4) Purdue University, (5) the University of Illinois and (6) University of Massachusetts of the USA bringing fame to the city.

Aryan gave the credit for this success to his mentors, the very dedicated CMS teachers. Chief Public Relations Officer of CMS, Mr. Hari Om Sharma informed that each year more than 100 CMS students are offered admissions in the top universities of the world. This year already, over 50 CMS students have been offered admissions in the top universities of the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Germany, etc., most of them on scholarships. He further added that CMS makes consistent efforts to expand students’ horizons and provide them opportunities, facilitating their studies in top institutions of higher education both in India and abroad. CMS is the only SAT and Advanced Placement (AP) exam test center in Uttar Pradesh, which enables students of U.P. and other surrounding states to apply for higher studies in the best universities abroad on generous scholarships. Prior to this, students of UP who wished to study abroad had to travel to Delhi to find an SAT exam center.

We would like to congratulate Aryan Singh, his parents and School Management on this occasion.

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