World Vegan Day 2020 Challenge

World Vegan Day 2020
What: World Vegan Day 2020
Why World Vegan Day:
World Vegan Day 2020

On 1st November 1944, Donald Watson called a meeting of few people to discuss vegetarian diets without the milk products. They decided to established a new drive known as the vegan lifestyle to promote the lifestyle of vegans. The movement became a charity in 1979 and since then the World Vegan Day is celebrated. The month of November is also celebrated as Vegan month

Some say that the word ‘Vegan’ has been derived from the word ‘Vegetarian’, by adopting the first three letters ‘Veg’ and last two letters ‘an’.

Vegetarians, people don’t meats, eggs, chicken, etc. while Vegans don’t eat any dairy products and other animal products like eggs, gelatin, and honey. In fact, some of the vegan’s avoid the use of products like drinks, clothes, beauty products which are made of animal products.

When to celebrate World Vegan Day:

World Vegan Day is celebrated on 1st November every year by Vegans across the Globe.

How you can celebrate World Vegan Day:

You can celebrate the day by not eating or using any product that is made up or has animal products. By trying the vegan lifestyle for a day we can understand how difficult it is. It will also contribute to the wellbeing of the creatures and animals around us.

World Vegan Day Challenge:

You can also challenge your family and friends to celebrate World Vegan Day 2020. Share your experience on your or Vegan Society social media platforms. This is surely going to promote the day and motivate our Vegan friends.

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